Why The Vault


We run strict guidelines tests on ICOs.
with more than 20 years of combined experience.combined experience.with more than


We are your team of professionals with more than 20 years of combined experience.
with more than 20 years.with more than


We have teams of crypto professionals from all around the world to vet and curate through the ICOs coming into The Vault.


Entry to Private Sale

We curate the best ICO in the world and give you easy access to early ICOs rounds.

Low Barrier to Entry

You will have the ability to enter during ICO private rounds to purchase tokens.

Group Bonuses

One of the perks of joining The Vault is the ability to get token bonuses and/or wholesale deal during private rounds.

Air Drop Privileges

As a Vault support, You will be entitled to other ICOs in The Vault.

Zero Fee (user)

You will be able to create an account with us for Free.We believe in giving the best to the Crpto Community


Our team of crypto professionals from around the world will be working round the clock to ensure that your tokens are safe in The Vault.


Payment can be made by Credit or Debit card, BTC or ETH, and IB/Fund Transfer.


After payment is verified, tokens will be deposited instantly.

Benefits of having The Vault

  • Supporters will have better ICO token rates

  • Supporters will gain additional token Bonuses ( subjected to ICOs discretion )

  • Supporters may have early airdrops

  • Supporters will have choices to choose from. & only the screened through.

  • Guaranteed response times to move digital assets

  • Assurance by Kryptoia as professional auditors for the ICOs list onto the Vault.

  • Secure Storage

  • Ease of Purchase with one wallet for many ICOs tokens

  • Easy wallet Management

  • Supports different types of Token Support crypto wallets (ERC20, NEP-5… etc)

Case Studies

What does the average ICO tokens supporter go through


Situation 1

Usually by the time you have done your KYC, good prices would have passed due to KYC waiting time.


Situation 2

Majority cannot even begin to understand the tech component to crypto. Let alone trying to set up crypto wallets. Even trying to purchase any form of cryptocurrencies.


Situation 3

Even for the tech savvy, it takes a vault to understand the technical aspects of opening an transferring cryptocurrencies

Create your vault now

If you are in any of these situations, create your vault now